The following documents are available to be used to conduct your own assessment of the physical environmental characteristics of parks.

This paper-and-pencil instrument is used by an observer to assess visible park features. Data can then be entered manually or we can assist you with electronic data entry services.

This presentation file can be used to train observers in the use of the BRAT-DO. It should be used in conjunction with the BRAT-DO Reference Manual.

This presentation file consists of exercises that can be used during training to practice some of the subjective ratings. It should supplement, NOT substitute for, in-the-field training and practice.

This manual provides information on how to use the BRAT-DO forms as well as definitions and examples of park features.

BRAT-DO Instrument

BRAT-DO Training Exercises

BRAT-DO Training Presentation

BRAT-DO Reference Manual


Because all of our work takes place in New Orleans, our research was severely hampered by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. As a result of the storm and subsequent flooding of the city, we created an additional module to the BRAT-DO to assess hurricane- and flooding-specific damages in parks. This module is now part of the complete BRAT-DO instrument available above.

BRAT-DO Post-Hurricane Assessment (PHA)

 Download BRAT-DO Instrument

 For more information about our electronic data entry services, please email our Epidemiology Data Center.